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The Grey Area

Rob Grey Shapes Innovation.


I started out as an engineer, but now I’m into ideas.

For the past 20 years I’ve been an entrepreneur using my background in engineering to guide my passion for business and design. In a world that usually polarises these as separate and individual paths, I’ve been fortunate to find opportunities at the intersection of all three disciplines.

Finding solutions to unique business challenges has defined my career and given me a unique view of branding, and business design. I’ve used this multi-faceted approach to not only build my business, but to drive the innovation required to build many of my clients’ businesses too.

Unsurprisingly, the ability to bridge the gap between the creative and business worlds probably comes from my childhood. Armed with dyslexia (rounded-off with a little ADHD and a few OCD tendencies) and needing to cover my own school fees, at 13 years old I cut my classmates hair, painted record album covers on school bags, and sold custom-made clothing.

After qualifying as a mechanical engineer, I launched Rocketfuel Product Design and went on to create Rocketfuel Fashion Design, my own award-winning fashion brand. The success of those ventures, gave me the platform to establish Rocketfuel as leading innovation and design agency. Today I lead a multi-disciplinary group of strategists, brand experts, UX-specialists, product-designers and makers. Together with my team, we assist entrepreneurs take their products to market, guide SMEs to grow their market share and future-proof corporate brands around the world. Consistently pressure testing a brand’s evolution, we take ideas from paper to prototype, and product to profit.

In my own capacity I continue to pursue my passion for business design through speaking, training and consulting with global partners. When the opportunity arises, I invest or partner with clients looking to build something unique.

My latest venture is the Rob Grey Design Academy, which I established as an environment to provide an opportunity for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to explore the world of design and build their future.

If you are looking to explore the grey area between business, creativity and the future, welcome to I look forward to chatting to you.