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The Grey Area

Rob Grey Shapes Innovation.

Tell him about an idea and you’ll immediately see his mind go to work as he connects the dots between concept and reality. Creativity and results.

See, in a black and white world where you can either be a creative person or a business person, Rob very easily bridges the gap between both.

It’s something he’s done since he was a kid. Armed with OCD and the need to cover his school fees,
13-year old Rob charged his classmates R5 for haircuts on a park bench outside his school dormitory. The creative Rob could perfectly copy a gents cut from any glossy mag. Entrepreneurial Rob knew that he didn’t need to spend money buying his own scissors. He just told his friends to bring their own.

Today, armed with qualifications as a mechanical engineer, Rob Grey helps entrepreneurs and brands around the world make business sense of design.
Taking ideas from paper to prototype then product to profit – woven together with the golden thread of innovation.

If you’re looking to explore the grey area between business and creativity, we welcome you to
Make yourself at home, and don’t forget to bring your own scissors.