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Speaking, Training & Master Classes

Book a Speaking Engagement with Rob Grey.

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Every entrepreneur has their own story. Mine is filled with both life-defining and fun challenges, but also a fair bit of untrained business savvy and the unrelenting pursuit of innovation

From working on ground-breaking medical devices to retail and pop-up store design to simple packaging and luxury brand design, I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to reshape their thinking, and their business.

The processes I’ll share with your team will show you what’s possible, what’s right for your business and how to translate that into roadmaps and experiences that will help your business thrive.

Who can benefit from my Master Class?

  • Students
  • Start-ups
  • Creative Agencies
  • Product Development teams
  • Corporate businesses wanting to launch or re-launch a new product.
  • Creative teams and individuals
  • Executive teams and individuals
  • Business owners who need turnaround in a product line’s performance