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Speaking Engagements

Book a Speaking Engagement with Rob Grey.

Book a Speaking Engagement with Rob Grey

Rob Grey has walked the talk. From the kid cutting hair to buy his own school supplies to being one of only eight individuals, alongside the Pope, to be presented with a Colnago Medalion by Ernasto Colnago.

But this is no rags to riches story. It’s one of unique challenges, untrained business savvy and the continuous pursuit of innovation as Rob works with some of the world’s biggest brands to reshape their business, and thinking.

From working on groundbreaking medical devices to retail and pop-up store design to simple packaging design – in a world where so many talk the talk, it’s rare to find someone who has been there, done that and probably made the T-shirt.

Who can benefit from attending a talk by Rob Grey?

  • Corporate businesses wanting to launch or re-launch a new product.
  • Creative teams and individuals
  • Executive teams and individuals
  • Students
  • Creative agencies
  • Business owners who need turnaround in a product line’s performance

What to expect from talk by Rob Grey?

Speaking engagements are customized to suit the needs of every event and client.