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Designing the future is a creative act

Through my experience as a young entrepreneur and self-starter, I recognise the potential of design to change lives. Using my background in both design and entrepreneurship, my goal is to assist students – particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds – get the opportunity to break into an ever-evolving physical, technological and digital world. This has led to the creation of the Rob Grey Design Academy.

Over the years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching and sharing the lessons I’ve learnt with those keen to build their own design career. My vision for the Academy includes teaching and helping not only previously disadvantaged youngsters with a passion for design, but graduates and professionals looking to refine their skills and give back.


The power of this combination is that, as the kids learn from the professionals, the professionals learn from the kids. In turn, this provides corporates an unique insight into the future that cannot be scripted or researched. Ultimately, it’s creating a sustainable and ever-evolving innovation eco-system.


Work with me and the Rob Grey Design Academy!

I invite you to join me on this amazing journey. You will quickly realise how this can not only change lives, but fundamentally change your business. This is about doing well by doing good. Came play and celebrate your inner child.