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15 July

Why South Africa is Primed for product development

With the world looking to the southern tip of Africa for fast, cost-effective and high-quality product development, South Africa is proving to be a highly effective testing ground. Boasting many different cultures and […]

4 January

A business case for painted cases

Have you ever watched Dragon’s Den? For those of you who haven’t had the entertaining privilege, allow me to explain. It’s a British television series that sees would-be entrepreneurs present their varying business […]

25 December

Shaping Customer Experiences

Sifting through the latest trending news in marketing, I feel kind of, well, disappointed. In the last 24 hours, there were 24 marketing articles that trended worldwide. Eight of the articles were about […]

5 December

Bangs for bucks

I needed pocket money. My mother, a nursery school teacher, was in the throes of getting her family out of Zimbabwe and taking care of my father who was in the beginning stages […]